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Our Priority is always For our customers

PayeCards has hundreds of full-time, dedicated Customer Support  specialists who are knowledgeable of crypto and financial services, as well as trained on our products and services.


PayeCards support team we are active in supporting your problems 24/7 with a multi-language  support team that dominates the global market audience and experience.


If you’re awake, we are too. When you need help with your account, our team of experts will work directly with you via our 24/7 live chat to reach a quick and efficient resolution.

Account Management
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Upgraded support for advanced traders

Our mission at PayeCards is to provide an exceptional cryptocurrency exchange experience for all of our clients. In service of that, our always-on live chat and extensive Help Center resolve issues efficiently around the clock.

For advanced traders, we offer an exclusive additional layer of near real-time, hyper-personalized support through our PayeCards Account Management program.

Next level trading deserves next level service Clients who consistently trade on our platform will be assigned their own personal account representative. As your main point of contact at PayeCards, your account manager personally handles your questions and requests, ensuring you can focus on trading, not dealing with headaches.

About Us
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Who is PayeCards ?

Better Than Bank , Payecards is a trusted provider for instant, secure, and simple payment solutions

Payecards company licenced England Financial Conduct Authority Our solution integrated with all Crypto Currency with real flat currency , include banking ,exchange , buy/sell crypto , sent instant money any time and any country and more than better digital bank solution

When we launched , we thinked new tecnology than all world real bank for better solution and better rate for all exchange , new trend cyrpto integrated all our solution , Future will be come for finance industry at Payecards , Our platform has become one of the most reliable and trusted e-wallets and digital bank used globally , Our highly sought after range of solutions continue to grow and evolve due to the needs of our diverse , international consumer and business customer base,

Payecards ,England and Switzerland based office and company Global trend digital e-money brand company.

If you would like to find out more about which PayeCards entity you receive services from, or if you have any other questions, please reach out to us via the in-dashboard ticket in the PayeCards account. PayeCards Financial Firm is an EMD Agent regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority, reference number 902074, (+32) 460 202262
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PayeCards new tecnology than all world real bank for better solution and better rate for all exchange, new trend cyrpto integrated all our solution , Future will be come for finance industry at Payecards, Our platform has become one of the most reliable and trusted e-wallets and digital bank used globally, Our highly sought after range of solutions continue to grow and evolve due to the needs of our diverse, international consumer and business customer base.

Multi-Currency wallets

Fund your account and make payments using the 25+ fiat currency and 40+ crypto currency

Crypto Exchange

PayeCards is of the best places to buy and sell crypto online, thanks to our excellent service, low fees, versatile funding options and rigorous security standards

Transfer to 160+ Countries WorldWide

Transfer to 160+ Countries WorldWide

High-Security Wallet

Your card transactions are protected by MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA. We apply PCI DSS Level 1 security standards to process your personal data. Your private key is safely stored and fully restorable thanks to customer verification. Cryptocurrency is stored in safe offline wallets.

Friendly Interface

Simple and intuitive app to mana- ge your transactions in a few taps.

Know Your Customer

Verification takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Support 24/7

Dedicated multi-language support.


The prepaid card you can use anywhere anytime


Lower Maker Fees

Attractive to the most powerful trading makers, creating high liquidity while also saving trade costs and improving trade efficiency.

Advanced PayeCards API

PayeCard's APIs are designed to offer an easy and efficient way to develop secure and programmatic trading strategy.

Reliable Security Solutions

Multiple security mechanisms to protect user information and funds are our first priority, e.g SMS authentication and device trust syste

Excellent Customer Support

Our support team is available 24 hours a day to assist you with any issues or questions you may have

Financial SPA for Your Business

Payment services offered by Payecards completely simplify financial management of any online and offline business.

All you need is just basic document pack-age fort he company and applicant,the person who will manage Payecards account to comply with Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer(KYC) international requirements.

Payecards is an ideal solution for cross-border payments and global payouts to bank account, e-currencies and credit/debit cards at very low fees.


Buy with Debit and Credit Cards

Use a debit or credit card in any currency. All transactions are protected with the 3D Secure technology, so you can rest easy

Use CryptoCurrency Right Away

The coins are credited to your account immediately after the purchase. Leverage the exchange and take advantage of the zero withdrawal fee

Simple Verification

One document is all you need and you’re ready to buy. No more unnecessary hurdles that get in between you and your cryptocurrency

Transparency in Fees

No hidden fees tacked on the end of each transaction, what you see is what you get. We charge a one-time fee of more less that’s it

Everything in One Secure Place

There’s no need for you to transfer your money to another wallet. With PayeCards, you can buy, exchange, send, and store your money, all in one place

Assistance at Every Step

Our team of qualified specialists is ready to help you every step of the way. If you run into any problems or just have some questions you always receive a prompt response

Easy-to-follow process

Create Account

Upload Your Id

Buy Bitcoins

Paye Global Money Transfer

Transfer money online to over 70 countries around the world for only low fees

*Free transfers to bank accounts in the selected countries
Instant transfers
Safe and Secure
You Send From USD
They Recieve in EUR
Deliver To
Bank Account
Pay With
0.00 TRY
Total Pay
1000.00 TRY

PayeCard Benefits

Global Coverage

We are delivering money into 70 countries and regularly opening new countries

Fixed Fee +
Best Exchange Rate

We display the FX rate, the transfer fee and the amount they will receive, before you make a transfer

Instant Delivery

All transfers are processed by PayeCards within seconds

Bank Level Security

All money transfers are certified by Visa, MasterCard, China Union Pay, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority UK) and are PCI DSS certified

Information Required - Minimal

Only the card number and receiver's name are rquired for the transfer

24/7 Customer Support

We are always there for you, day or night

Paye Voucher

Paye Card is the safest and most efective medhod to make online payments

Deposits & withdrawals

Pay and withdraw money in the blink of an eye. Let our completely transactional payment platform impress you.


100% Safe

Strong encryption, authentication and privacy, end-to-end, not only to use resplendent beautiful word phrases, but worthy of your trust


Flexsible & Limit

Completely flexible and smooth. AstroPay Card makes payment as easy as possible

Fee Schedule
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Paye - Account
Open Account
Bank Account
Dedicated Bank Account Open

35 EUR

1.500 EUR
Visa / Mastercard / Mir Cards
1.69 - 6.50%*
1.69 - 6.50%*
Voucher Payment
Crypto Payment
Sepa Payment
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
Swift Payment
0.60% (Min 30 EUR)
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
Transfer to International Visa/Mastercard
4,5 EUR + 0,5-3%*
4,5 EUR + 0,5-3%*
Visa/ Mastercard/ Mir Cards Issued in Russia
50 RUB + 0,5-3%*
50 RUB + 0,5-3%*
Visa/ Mastercard Issued in Ukraine
30 UAH + 0,5-3%*
30 UAH + 0,5-3%*
Voucher Payment
Crypto Payment
Sepa Payment
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
Swift Payment
0.60% (Min 30 EUR)
0.40% (Min 2 EUR)
Customer to Customer
Customer to Customer
Request Money
Paye - CryptoExchange
Fee Structure on Paye CryptoExchange
1) Deposit
Free. There are no fees for deposits.
2) Withdraw
Our withdrawal fees are dynamic and automatically adjust based on the status of the market.
Coin Token Minumin Withdraw Amount Fee
AE Aeternity 3.8 1.9
BAT Basic Attention Token 12 6
BCH Bitcoin Cash ABC 0.002 0.001
BTC Bitcoin 0.002 0.0005
BNA Banana 500 50
DTE DatEat Token 300 50
ENJ Enjin Coin 18 9
ETC Ethereum Classic 0.02 0.01
ETH Ethereum 0.02 0.01
FNB FNB 500 20
FNX FNX Token 500 100
GNT Golem 25 12.5
IOST IOST 217 108.5
LINK Chainlink 4 2
LTC Litecoin 0.02 0.01
NAC Binance coin 0.2 0.005
OMC OmiseGO 1.12 0.56
QKC QuarkChain 50.52 25.26
SET Silkroad Eight Token 50 20
SNT Status 84 42
STORJ Storj 7.6 3.8
USDC USD Coin 10 2
WTC Waltonchain 1.6 0.8
XRP Ripple 22 0.25
ZEC Zcash 0.01 0.005
ZIL Zilliqa 64 32
ZRX 0x 4.2 2.1
BTT BitTorrent 1000 100
Celer Network CELR 460 230
FinanceX Exchange token FNXS 1200 100
Tron TRX 150 100
Stellar Lumens XLM 10 0.1
Tezos XTZ 10 2
Trading Fees Rule
Type Fee Description
Normal 0.30% Trading Fee on CryptoExchange
Paye - PlasticCard
ATM-W ATM-E POS R2C Cost of Cards
To Reseller
$4,15 $2,75 $1,25 $2,50 or 1.5% (whichever is higher) 15 Euro
ATM-W: ATM Withdrawal - ATM-E: ATM Balance Enquiry - POS: Point of Sale Purchases - R2C: Reload to Card
Card Limits
Max Ticked Size
$2,000.00 (per transaction)
Max Monthly Volume
$20,000.00 (worth of transactions in a month )
Max Hour Count
5 times
Max Day Count
20 day
Card Loading amount/loading txn
$10,000.00 per load
Max Card Balance amount
Card to card transaction
$2000 per transfer
Atm Withtdraw Limits
Each time withdraw
2000 usd
*5 withdrawals are allowed per hour, and 20 times per day
*Maximum limit for withdrawal per day is 40.000 usd
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Paye Cards

Fast, easy, minimal fees

Plastic and virtual cards in a selection of currencies. Pay easily all over the world.

Open an account in minutes

With our prepaid cards you can spend your money how you want, at millions of locations worldwide. Whether you use it to help you budget, shop securely or for foreign travel, it’s free and quick to apply for with no credit checks.*

The prepaid card you can use anywhere anytime

Quick and easy to apply

Get your one-use Paye-Card through your PayeAccount and use it immediately

Worlwide acceptence

Use worldwide online and over the phone


Available in 3 different currencies – € Euro, £ GBP and $ USD


Paye-Card Secured by UK(Financial Conduct Authority)

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High-security wallet

Your card transactions are protected by MasterCard SecureCode and Verified by VISA. We apply PCI DSS Level 1 security standards to process your personal data. Your private key is safely stored and fully restorable thanks to customer verification. Cryptocurrency is stored in safe offline wallets.

Friendly interface

Simple and intuitive app to manage your transactions in a few taps.

Know Your Customer

Verification takes no longer than 15 minutes.

Support 24/7

Dedicated multi-language support.


KYC - AML Policy
Home Page / KYC - AML Policy

Anti-Money Laundering

and Anti-Terrorism Financing Policy


1.1. Company Paye İnternational LTD (hereinafter – the Company) is a licensed provider of money transfer and payment processing services, whose license was granted by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)


1.2. The company shall comply with the requirements contained in the 2019 England Act On Prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, as well as the requirements of other laws and regulations to the extent in which they relate to the Company’s operations, including the FinCEN requirements, the requirements set forth by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), US Patriot Act, etc.


1.3. The company shall strictly adhere to the policies and procedures outlined in this document (hereinafter – the Policy).


1.4. The company develops this Policy, introduces amendments and additions to it at its own discretion, and oversees compliance with its provisions and requirements.


1.5. The current version of the Policy is always available on the website at:



1.6. The Customer shall read the Policy prior to accepting the PayeCards System Terms and Conditions. The Customer’s acceptance of the Terms and Conditions, as well as the Customer’s making transactions in the PayeCards System after accepting the Terms and Conditions, shall signify the Customer’s acceptance of all provisions of the current version of this Policy.


2.1. To oversee and implement the procedures reflected in the Policy, the Company appoints the Compliance Director.

2.2. The Compliance Director is responsible for the collection, analysis, and investigation of information on any suspicious activities and the training of the company’s employees pertaining to the relevant procedures; the Compliance Director shall determine the procedures and rules for carrying out Customers’ identification, reviewing and monitoring unusual transactions and technical features of the Company’s implementation of this Policy.


3.1. The Company uses the procedures for identification and verification of Customers that vary in complexity depending on transaction amounts.

3.2. From Customers whose transaction amounts do not exceed USD 999.00 or its equivalent in any period of 30 (thirty) days, the Company requests only the name and address.

3.3. For the purposes of Customers’ identification, the Company requests the following documents:

3.3.1. To verify a personal account

  • proof of identity (passport, driver’s license, national identity card);
  • proof of address (bank statement, utility bill);
  • phone number verification by receiving a code via SMS.

3.3.2. To verify a business account

  • all the documents specified in paragraph 3.3.1;
  • incorporation documents for a company, including:
  • state registration certificate (certificate of incorporation);
  • company’s charter;
  • Articles of Incorporation (if available);
  • document confirming the powers and authority of the person authorized to act on the company’s behalf without a power of attorney, etc.

4.1. The Company conducts the Know Your Customer (KYC) verification procedures to avoid the risk of being held liable and to protect itself from a Customer’s attempting to use the Company for carrying out illegal activities.

4.2. As part of the KYC procedures, the Company evaluates Customers’ transactions, as well as collects and stores information on the essential facts pertaining to Customers, potential Customers, and their transactions.

4.3. After carrying out the identification procedures pertaining to a Customer, the Company stores the information obtained in this Customer’s file. The Company is under obligation to carry out the identification procedures pertaining to a Customer once.

4.4. The company is committed to protecting Customers’ rights and the confidentiality of their personal data. The Company collects personal information from Customers only to the extent necessary to ensure the Company’s properly providing services to Customers. Such personal information about Customers and former Customers may be disclosed to third parties only in a limited number of circumstances, in accordance with the applicable laws and agreements between the Company and the Customer.

4.5. The company shall carefully maintain Customers’ files, including statements, transaction reports, receipts, notes, internal correspondence, and any other documents related to the Customer both in the electronic and paper format for a period of at least 5 (five) years from the date of the relevant transaction.


5.1. Any financial transaction that may be related to money laundering activities shall be considered to be suspicious activities.

5.2. Grounds for determining that a specific transaction is suspicious may be personal observations and experience of the Company’s employees, as well as information received or identified.

5.3. The Compliance Director shall continuously monitor and update the systems used by the Company to detect suspicious activities.

5.4. In accordance with the applicable laws of England, the USA, and the requirements of international organizations, the Company may, where appropriate and without the obligation of obtaining the Customer’s approval or notifying the Customer, notify regulating and/or law enforcement agencies of any suspicious transactions.

5.5. Different requirements for reporting suspicious transactions may depend on the nature and amount of a transaction.

5.6. Starting 30 June 2013, the FinCEN requires special reporting forms for any U.S. citizens who have control over foreign financial accounts if the aggregate amount of these foreign financial accounts ever exceeded the amount of USD 10,000.00 (ten thousand US dollars) during a calendar year.

5.7. The Company shall periodically refer to and consult the lists published by the authorities of the USA, Belize, and international organizations that contain lists of known terrorists or persons suspected of terrorist activities, terrorist organizations, high-risk countries, a limited list of countries subject to the OFAC sanctions, jurisdictions that do not provide sufficient level of anti-money laundering procedures, as well as countries subject to sanctions to determine whether the Company’s Customer or potential Customer, and/or such Customer’s country of jurisdiction is included in the above lists.

5.8. The Company shall comply with all directives issued in connection with any of the above lists by the U.S. Treasury, any agency of the U.S. federal government, or any other regulatory organization.

5.9. In addition, the Company shall periodically refer to and consult the FinCEN website and follow any special measures imposed by the FinCEN.

5.10. The Company shall continuously conduct due diligence procedures pertaining to its Customers and scrutinize transactions carried out by them to ensure these transactions’ compatibility with the Company’s knowledge of its Customers, their business and, when necessary, their source of funds.


6.1. To perform some of its business functions, the Company uses third-party service providers. The company shall make an effort to determine, during the initial and ongoing due diligence process, to the extent possible whether there are any initiated investigations and filed lawsuits against any such third-party service providers. The company shall also determine whether a third-party provider has obtained all the necessary licenses, permits, and approvals before establishing a business relationship with such third-party service provider.

6.2. With respect to its own staff, the Company shall carefully review all candidates for employment and determine whether the activities of a new employee fall in the category that is susceptible to money laundering activities. In addition, the Company has prepared and implements a number of personnel training programs on customer identification procedures and prevention of money laundering activities.


7.1. Government authorities of different countries and, in some cases, international organizations, may impose severe civil and criminal penalties against any person that violates the laws and regulations referred to in paragraph 1.2 of the Policy. Such civil and criminal legal penalties may include fines in the amount of up to hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars, and the term of criminal punishment may be up to 10 (ten) years in prison. In addition, government authorities may confiscate any property involved in criminal violation of these laws and regulations, including companies, bank accounts, or any other assets that may be associated with criminal violations.

7.2. Under certain circumstances, companies may be deemed criminally responsible for the actions of their employees. In this regard, it is important for the employees of our Corporate Customers to have adequate knowledge in this sphere; it is also important that such Corporate Customers should ensure the compliance of their employees’ actions with the said laws and regulations.


8.1. The Corporate Customer (the Corporate Customer’s authorized employee) certifies that they have read and understood this Policy, and that they (or their company) shall operate in full compliance with the requirements and standards outlined in the Policy and comply with all applicable laws and other regulations and requirements governing its activities as a Corporate Customer.

8.2. The Corporate Customer (the Corporate Customer’s authorized employee) acknowledges that they are responsible for their actions in accordance with the effective laws in the field discussed in this Policy and shall bear responsibility pertaining to failure to comply with such laws.


Privacy Policy
Home Page / Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Valuing Customers’ trust and understanding the importance of ensuring the confidentiality of Customers’ Personal Data, as well as that of the Informational Materials posted by Customers on the Website in the course of fulfilling the provisions of the Terms and Conditions, the Administrator puts into effect this Policy to define the order for performing operations involving the Parties’ Confidential Information when using the Website and the System’s Services.

Every Customer should be familiar with the terms of this Policy before starting to use the System's Services.

The Privacy Policy was last updated on: March 8th, 2017 


Unless it is otherwise explicitly stated in or follows from the main text of the Terms and Conditions, the following words and phrases shall be used in the meanings as specified below:

2.1.  Cookie  is a piece of Data that does not contain any Personal Data, which is created by the Website and stored on the Customer’s computer as one file or multiple files. If the Customer chooses to block a Cookie file, the Customer may experience difficulty or find it impossible to use the Website.

2.2.  Informational Materials   (Data)  are any text, graphic, audio, video, and mixed-type materials of informational nature.

2.3.  Confidential Information  is any information that is not Public Data, which is considered confidential under the Parties’ agreement or in accordance with the applicable laws.

2.4.  Confidentiality  is accessibility of information solely to its owner, as well as any parties to which such information can and/or must be provided under law and/or under agreement with this party.

2.5.  Public Data  is any data (including Personal Data) to which the owner of such data provides access to an unlimited number of parties (including by means of publishing data on any website without restricting access to such data) or to which, in accordance with this Appendix and/or the effective laws, confidentiality requirements do not apply.

2.6.  Personal Data  is any information related, directly or indirectly, to a specific or identifiable individual person (the subject of personal data).

2.7.  Receiving Party  is the Party receiving Confidential Information.

2.8.  Compromise of Confidential Information  is one of the Parties’ actions or inaction resulting in the Confidential Information becoming known or available to third parties without the permission of the owner of such confidential information. The format of the information compromise (orally, in writing, via any technical devices, etc.) is immaterial.

2.9.  Disclosing Party  is a Member, in relation to the Confidential Information disclosed by the Administrator; and, it is the Administrator, in relation to the Confidential Information disclosed by a Member.

2.10.  Disclosure of Confidential Information  is transfer to any third party of any Confidential Information in compliance with the requirements of this Appendix, including leaking, stealing, losing, distorting, corrupting, destroying, modifying, copying, or blocking Confidential Information resulting from failure to comply or improper compliance with the terms of this Appendix by the Receiving Party.

2.11. The terms that are not defined in this section shall be used further in the text in the meanings as specified (in the order of priority) in bilateral agreements signed by the Parties and in the current version of the Terms and Conditions approved by the Administrator and all Appendixes thereto.


3.1. By using any part of the Website and/or the Services, the Customer gives the Administrator the right to receive, store, process, and use the Customer’s Personal Data and other Informational Materials in compliance with the terms of this Appendix.

3.2. This Appendix does not apply to, nor is the Administrator responsible for, any methods of receiving, storing, processing, using, and disclosing the Customer’s Personal Data and other Informational Materials by external companies and organizations that are not owned or managed by the Administrator and by individuals that are not the Administrator’s employees, even though the Customer may obtain access to such parties’ and persons’ websites, software and/or GWS via the Website.

3.3. The main purpose of receiving, storing, processing, and using the Customer’s Personal Data, Public Data, and other data is to protect the Customer’s interests, as well as to improve the quality of the personalized and general services provided by the Administrator to the Customer.

3.4. This Policy is not an independent document and serves only as an addition to the Terms and Conditions; it does not supersede or nullify any of the provisions included in the main text of the Terms and Conditions, in particular, Sections 10-14 of the Terms and Conditions related to the subject of this Policy.

3.5. The provisions contained in this document and the term ‘Confidential Information’ shall not apply to the information that:

3.5.1. was, is or is made available to the Receiving Party on the non-confidential basis from a party that, to the Receiving Party’s knowledge, is not bound by any confidentiality agreement with the other Party or by any other restriction related to disclosing confidential information to the Receiving Party, or

3.5.2. was in lawful possession of the Receiving Party prior to the other Party’s disclosing it as Confidential Information, or

3.5.3. is developed by or for the Receiving Party;

3.5.4. is not in any way protected by the Disclosing Party to ensure confidentiality;

3.5.5. is made available due to the requirements of the effective laws and regulations;

3.5.6. is publicly available and known due to the Disclosing Party’s actions and decisions;

3.5.7. was available to the Receiving Party on the non-confidential basis prior to the other Party’s disclosing such information, or

3.5.8. has to be disclosed in accordance with the effective laws or under orders issued by the governmental agencies or any other competent authorities.


4.1. The Administrator can gather and process the following information about the Customer:

  • Customer’s full first name and last name, occupation, address, email address, phone number, date of birth, bank or payment card details, as well as the documents confirming the Customer’s identity and residence address, to be provided on our request;
  • information related to the Transactions performed by the Customer through the System with the use of the Wallet and to the execution of the Customer’s Orders;

4.2. For the purpose of fulfilling mandatory legal obligations related to anti-fraud and anti-money laundering requirements, the Administrator will receive information related to the Customer from third parties, including information about the Customer’s financial history, any decisions of local district courts, bankruptcy, information provided by credit bureaus and anti-fraud agencies, when the Customer opens a Wallet or at any other time when the Administrator may deem it necessary to prevent fraud and minimize financial risks. More detailed information can be found in Appendix 02 to these Terms and Conditions.

4.3. During the Customer’s Registration in the System and when the Customer is creating a Wallet, the Customer has to provide their Authorization Data, as well as other details (mandatory or optional). After the Customer has created and used their Wallet, the Administrator is able to identify the Customer every time this Customer uses the System and visits the Website.

4.4. The Administrator may install cookies to Customers’ computers (unless the Customer purposely restricts this option in their browser), as well as receive, store, process, and use the information created through cookies.

4.5. When the Customer visits the Website, the Administrator automatically stores, processes, and uses the Customer’s data that is not their Personal Data, for example: Customer’s IP address, Customer’s location identifiable with their IP address, Customer’s computer’s technical parameters, presence or absence of specific software on the Customer’s computer, such software’s settings, cookies, as well as statistics on the Customer’s activities.

4.6. Besides visiting the Website, the Customer also provides information to the Administrator when using the System (if possible) via applications for mobile devices, social media applications, payment terminals, etc., contacting and submitting requests by phone, mail, email, or via other means of communication; the Administrator also receives information about the Customer from other sources when verifying the information previously provided by the Customer.


The Administrator shall use the available information related to Customers for the following purposes:

  • rendering services related to Customers’ Wallets and providing services requested by Customers;
  • executing Customers’ Orders related to Money Transfers and receiving Payments, as well as making Transactions using the Services;
  • notifying Customers of changes in the Services, the System, the Terms and Conditions, the Software, etc.;
  • fulfilling the requirements of the applicable laws and regulations, in particular, those related to anti-money laundering laws and KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures;
  • verifying the Customer’s financial status, identity, and sol;
  • carrying out verification procedures to prevent fraud and money laundering;
  • providing services to Customers, including responding to Customers’ questions, requests, comments, and Complaints;
  • increasing the security of the Services;
  • providing the Website’s content (including its interactive features) in a way that is most efficient for Customers and their computers;
  • providing to Customers products and services requested, or products and services that the Administrator believes may interest Customers;
  • providing assistance in the development, provision, and improvement of the System’s Services, as well as providing the Website’s content and informing Customers;
  • carrying out the Administrator’s internal procedures and processes, such as audits, analytical data processing, quality assessment as to the Services provided, etc.

6.1. The Administrator shall not provide any Personal Data to any third parties for commercial purposes without the permission of the Customer to whom this information is related.

6.2. Personal Data can be disclosed to such third parties in the following circumstances:

  • disclosing information upon receiving the permission of the Customer to whom this information is related;
  • disclosing information on substantiated requests from the government agencies with the authority to obtain such information;
  • disclosing information to agents and third parties acting under an agreement with the Administrator to fulfill obligations to the Customer (including, but not limited to, acquirers, payment card issuing banks, international card systems, telecommunication service providers, billing companies and delivery companies, the Administrator’s affiliated parties, etc.) and on the following conditions: 1) they are aware of the confidential nature of such information; 2) they take adequate measures to protect confidential information from unauthorized access and use;
  • disclosing information to the Administrator’s potential creditors, investors, acquirers, Partners, shareholders, and auditors;
  • disclosing information to companies that may offer their products and services to Customers;
  • disclosing information in the course of information exchange with other companies and organizations for the purposes of anti-fraud protection and financial risk minimization;
  • disclosing information when the Administrator believes that the Customer violates the terms of this Appendix and/or other agreements and contracts between the Administrator and the Customer, and/or the Administrator’s internal regulations and rules; or, when the Administrator deems such information disclosure necessary to investigate, prevent, or take measures against unlawful activities, suspected fraudulent activities, potential threats to any person’s physical security, violations of the Terms and Conditions or any bilateral agreements, or if it is required by law;
  • disclosing information in other circumstances in accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions and the applicable laws.

6.3. Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing with a specific Customer, the Administrator can publicly disclose the fact of the existence of the Administrator’s business relationship with this Customer.

6.4. The Administrator reserves the right to disclose confidential information when it is required by the business conduct practices.

6.5 No provision contained in this Appendix shall restrict either Party’s right to disclose any Confidential Information in accordance with any court order or decision, any other legitimate obligation or requirement under the effective laws and regulations if such information disclosure is mandatory and on the condition that, if possible, the other Party is notified of such information disclosure in advance.

6.6. All Confidential Information shall remain the property of the Party disclosing such information; no rights or licenses are granted with regard to such Confidential Information, unless otherwise specifically stipulated in this Appendix.

6.7. Either Party shall return to the other Party and/or securely destroy all Confidential Information (including any part of it that may be undergoing processing, analysis, or translation, including also all copies, written notes, drawings, charts, computer programs in any and all formats, on any type of a data storage device) on the other Party’s written request, unless such documents have to be stored under the effective laws and regulations, and, if required, shall confirm in writing, with the authorized person’s signature, that such Confidential Information was duly returned or securely destroyed.

6.8. The Customer has the right to request that the Administrator restrict third parties’ access to the Customer’s Personal Data for marketing purposes, provided that it does not contradict the applicable laws and the Terms and Conditions, by sending a relevant written request to the Administrator using the Administrator’s Contact Details.


7.1. By providing their Personal Data during the Registration in the System, the Customer agrees to data processing, with or without the use of automation technology and/or devices, in particular, information gathering, storage, transfer to third parties, and use by the Administrator for the purpose of providing the Services to the Customer and for other purposes specified in the Terms and Conditions.

7.2. If the Customer does not wish for their Personal Data to be processed, the Customer should contact the Administrator using the Administrator’s Contact Details or the feedback form on the Website. In this case, all the information received from the Customer will be deleted from the Administrator’s client database, and the Customer will not be able to use the Services.


8.1. For the purpose of exercising Customers’ rights and the Administrator’s proper fulfillment of its obligations under the Terms and Conditions and the agreements signed by the Parties, the Administrator may review Customers’ Informational Materials (for the purpose of timely resolution of technical problems and prevention of unlawful activities that violate the rights of either Party, other Customers, etc.).

8.2. The Administrator provides limited access to Customers’ information only to the employees that, in the Administrator’s opinion, need to use such information to provide services to the Customers or perform their professional duties.

8.3. The Customer has the right to request, edit, or delete their Personal Data stored by the Administrator and/or on the Website. The Customer may independently edit, change, or delete their Personal Data using the relevant features of the Website and their Wallet.

8.4. The applicable laws on personal data protection give the Customer the right of access to any information related to the Customer. Any request for access to information may result in charges to cover any and all expenses involved in providing the Customer with detailed information stored by the Administrator and/or third parties.


9.1. A publicly accessible page is any page of the Website to which unlimited access is open to any party and which can be indexed by search engine systems.

9.2. The Administrator allows the Customers to send messages and exchange Data on publicly accessible pages.

9.3. The Customer should exercise caution and common sense when disclosing their information that allows identifying the Customer on publicly accessible pages. It is important to remember that this information may remain on publicly accessible pages of the Website for an indefinite period of time. Besides, depending on a specific Service, other Customers may also view such information.

9.4. The Customer is solely responsible for any information that the Customer discloses and distributes on publicly accessible pages.

9.5. If the Customer has any concerns regarding information that allows identifying the Customer which the Customer provided on any publicly accessible page, the Customer cannot delete or edit such information; in such cases, the Customer should contact the Customer Support Service.


10.1. The Parties acknowledge and confirm that they shall ensure confidentiality of any and all information received in the course of fulfilling obligations under the Terms and Conditions, with the exception of the cases explicitly provided for in the Terms and Conditions and the Parties’ other agreements.

10.2. The Customer violating the obligations pertaining to information confidentiality shall cover all expenses and losses (including loss of profits) incurred by any third parties and/or the Administrator as a result of such actions of the part of this Customer.

10.4. The confidentiality terms are included in these Terms and Conditions and accepted by the Customer when the Customer confirms accepting the Terms and Conditions.

10.5. The Parties shall NOT disclose information pertaining to the System’s operating conditions, as well as other information received by the Parties in the course of fulfilling the obligations under the Terms and Conditions, with the exception of the cases when either Party is obligated to disclose such information in accordance with the applicable laws.

10.6. The Parties shall notify each other within 1 (one) business day of the occurrence or knowledge that they may have about any disclosure or threat of disclosure, unlawful obtainment or unlawful use of the Confidential Information by any third parties.

10.7. The Parties shall not unilaterally suspend or terminate measures aimed at protecting confidential information as specified in these Terms and Conditions, including in cases of their reorganization (merger, acquisition, division, separation, transformation, or any other type of the legal status change) or (when stipulated by the law) liquidation.

10.9. Disclosing Confidential Information on legally valid requests from law enforcement agencies or other competent government authorities and/or officials in accordance with procedures specified by the applicable laws shall not constitute a violation of the Parties’ confidentiality obligations.

10.10. In the event of disclosing Confidential Information to the authorities and/or parties stated above, the Party disclosing Confidential Information shall notify the owner of such Confidential Information in writing of the fact of information disclosure, as well as of the content of such information and the name of the agency or authority to which such Confidential Information was disclosed within 1 (one) business day after disclosing Confidential Information.

10.11. As stipulated in other sections of these Terms and Conditions, Customers are responsible for ensuring confidentiality of their Authentication Data. The Administrator is not responsible for transactions made as a result of improper storage or loss of information on the part of the Customer.


11.1. The Administrator has the right to store the Customer’s Personal Data and other data for as long as it is necessary to achieve the objective specified in this Appendix, or for a period of time required by the applicable laws, or until the Customer chooses to delete such data.

11.2. The Customer is responsible for providing accurate and true information, as well as for updating their information provided previously in the event of any changes in the information.

11.3. The Customer allows the Administrator to give permission to other parties with which the Administrator signs relevant agreements to receive, store, and process information about the Customer (except the Customer’s Personal Data and Informational Materials), such as the Customer’s IP address, cookies, and statistics on the Customer’s activities, for the purpose of improving the quality of the services provided by such parties and providing promotional information.

11.4. The Customer agrees that the confidentiality of any information transferred via the Internet is not guaranteed; if any third party gains access to such information outside the technical communication means area managed by the Administrator, the latter shall bear no responsibility for any possible damages caused by such access to information.

11.5. If, in the course of using the Website and/or the System, any information becomes available to the Customer regarding the Administrator and/or any third parties, which, in accordance with the applicable laws, constitutes confidential information and/or trade secrets, the Customer shall not store, use, or distribute such information.

11.6. When you click links on our Website, you may be redirected to third party sites. We do not assume any responsibility for content of third party Sites and for the information third party Sites collect from you, including the ways these third party Sites process, store, and manage such information. Third party service providers may have their own Privacy Policies. We strongly recommend that you familiarise yourself with these Policies to understand how your personal information is handled. Once you leave our Website, the terms of this Privacy Policy no longer define how your personal information may be collected and managed. 



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Terms & Conditions
Home Page / Terms & Conditions

PayeCards System Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions shall enter into force for all users from the 1s of July 2021


1.1. This document (hereinafter — the Terms and Conditions) contains the principal provisions pertaining to the operation of the PayeCards and working in this System.

11.2. The Terms and Conditions define the principles and conditions on which the Administrator — a England company Payecards Global LTD provides for remuneration access to the System’s Services to a Customer (any person accepting the Terms and Conditions) charging Fees as per the agreed Rates in accordance with the established procedure; in turn, a Customer shall use the System and its Services in accordance with the Administrator’s instructions and guidelines as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

1.3. This document is the Administrator’s official public offer intended for eligible parties (including individuals that are 18 years of age or older) regarding the opportunity to use the System and its Services.

Pertaining to any and all matters not provided for in the Terms and Conditions, the Administrator may regulate such matters on the basis of its internal procedures and documents (IPD) providing information regarding such internal procedures and documents to the Customer based on their substantiated written request.


2.1. Authorization Details shall mean a combination of the Login and Password and/or Payment Password.

2.2. Authorization shall mean the process of authenticating a person by their Login and Password.

2.3. HSE shall mean a handwritten signature equivalent.

2.4. Prohibited Activities shall mean activities characterized by one or more of the following qualities: constitute criminal offense in a Customer’s country of jurisdiction; are connected with sales of GWS prohibited for sale in a Customer’s country of jurisdiction; are connected with sales of any GWS (any and all transactions) referred to in Appendix 1 to the Terms and Conditions; contradict the accepted universal standards of ethics and morality.

2.5. Identification shall mean a special procedure of a Customer’s providing to the Administrator such Customer’s personal data as required by law or under these Terms and Conditions.

2.6. Identified Customer shall mean a registered Customer whose identity was successfully verified during the Identification procedure.

2.7. Customer shall mean a person pertaining to whom there arises a right or an obligation related to transfer, acceptance, and acquisition of the Funds under these Terms and Conditions.

2.8. Wallet shall mean the account of a Customer registered in the System and using the Services, which is stored in the System’s database, belongs to this Customer, and reflects the balance of the Funds owned by this Customer.

2.9. Merchant shall mean a Customer carrying out commercial activities and receiving Funds from other Customers for any Goods, Works and/or Services. Either an individual or an entity may be a Merchant.

2.10. Unregistered Customer shall mean a Customer that did not complete the Registration procedure: an Unregistered Customer may use Funds with restrictions as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

2.11. Unidentified Customer shall mean a registered Customer whose identity was not verified: an Unidentified Customer may use the Services with restrictions as set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

2.12. Transaction shall mean any transfer of Funds via the System.

2.13. Payment shall mean Funds accounted for as funds in a Wallet and transferred from a Customer to a third party or from a third party to a Customer.

2.14. Registration shall mean the result of entering a person’s data in the System, after which a Customer is identified by the System.

2.15. Contact Details shall mean the following addresses and phone numbers: for the Administrator: for communication by mail: PayeCards Global LTD via email: [email protected]; for a Customer – the contact information provided by a Customer in the electronic form during the Registration procedure.

2.16. System shall mean a set of hardware and software developed, created and operating for the purpose of the Administrator’s providing the System’s Services to a Customer.

2.17. Funds shall mean electronic money what is owned by a Customer and accounted for as funds in this Customer’s Wallet.

2.18. Parties shall mean the Administrator and a Customer referred to jointly.

2.19. GWS (Goods, Works and/or Services) shall mean goods (works, services) payment for which is received by a Customer via the System’s Services.

2.20. Services (System’s Services) shall mean Transactions involving Funds in Customers’ Wallets made via the System.

2.21. Chargeback shall mean the procedure of cancelling a bank card payment initiated by the cardholder through their bank.


3.1. A Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions (accepts the public offer) by completing the following procedures in the required order: 1) filling out the registration forms on the System’s Website, including the creation of the Authorization Details; 2) reading these Terms and Conditions; 3) confirming accepting them by ticking the relevant field in the registration form.

3.2. Acceptance of these Terms and Conditions means a Customer’s full and unconditional acceptance of all the provisions and conditions set forth in these Terms and Conditions without any exclusions and/or restrictions, which is equivalent to entering into a bilateral agreement.

3.3. These Terms and Conditions are accepted for an indefinite period of time.

3.4. A Customer can only obtains access to the System’s Services after a Customer has accepted these Terms and Conditions.

  1. Payecards WALLET

4.1. After a Customer completes the Registration, a Wallet is opened for this Customer. The purpose of a Wallet is to hold electronic Funds, as well as send and receive electronic Payments. A Wallet is in the currency selected by a Customer from the list of available currencies.

4.2. Funds can be kept in a Wallet for an indefinite period of time, and no interest is charged or incurred for any Funds kept in a Wallet.

4.3. Certain limits may apply to a Wallet with respect to loading Funds, payments and withdrawals of Funds, which depend on the Customer’s Status, type of Wallet, and other factors that the Administrator may take into account at its sole discretion and determination.

4.4. The Administrator gives a Customer the possibility to use a personalized Wallet or a non-personalized Wallet.

4.5. The System has Wallets of two types, Personal and Business. Further on, the Administrator may amend this clause.

4.6. To use the System’s Services, a Customer has to open a Wallet after completing the Registration on the System’s Website confirming accepting these Terms and Conditions and their legal capacity. To be able to use the System’s Services, a Customer that is an individual must be 18 years of age or older. To open a Wallet of the Business or Corporate type, a Customer must be a legal entity.

4.7. A Customer may open a Wallet if that is legally permissible and lawful in this Customer’s country of jurisdiction.

4.8. If a Customer intends to use their Wallet for commercial purposes, such Customer must in addition comply with the provisions of agreements with the Administrator applicable to Merchants.

4.9. The information on a Customer’s Transactions with their Funds and use of its Wallet is recorded and kept by the Administrator for the duration of the effective term of these Terms and Conditions and for a period of five years after that.

4.10. A Customer’s actions resulting in changing the balance of the Funds in their Wallet confirm that such Customer agrees with the balance amount, which is displayed in their Wallet at the moment before a Customer performs any actions.

4.11. Access to a Wallet and any Transactions involving the use of a Wallet are only possible after a Customer’s Authorization.

4.12. A Login is a Customer’s email address or an alphanumeric combination specified by a Customer during the Registration.

4.13. Logins and Payment Passwords are created by Customers and may be changed at any moment.

4.14. A Customer is responsible for keeping their Authorization Details confidential. Any actions related to a Wallet performed with the use of correct Authorization Details shall be considered to be actions performed by the Customer.

4.15. In the event of a Customer losing its Authorization Details, the Administrator shall give this Customer the possibility to recover access to their Wallet.

4.16. The Administrator may perform Wallet Lockdown (suspend Transfers from a Customer’s Wallet) in certain cases in accordance with the Terms and Conditions and under applicable laws.

4.17. A Customer may close their Wallet at any time by contacting the Customer Service.


5.1. A Customer may replenish its Wallet by logging into their Personal Account on the Website and following the relevant instructions for replenishing its Wallet.

5.2. Wallet replenishing methods are payment services provided by third parties; therefore, they are not a part of the System’s Services.

5.3. The Administrator may restrict the range of Wallet replenishing methods for certain categories of Customers.

5.4. When a Wallet is replenished by third parties, all rights and responsibilities pertaining to the Funds credited to such Wallet shall be the Customer’s. Such third party transactions are considered by the Parties as activities by a third party on such Customer’s behalf and for such Customer’s benefit.

5.5. For security reasons, there are limits established for replenishing Wallets. 5.6. Fees may be charged for replenishing a Wallet.

5.7. A Transfer of Funds is carried out on the basis of a Customer’s Order electronically via its Wallet.

5.8. When receiving an Order to transfer funds from a Customer, the Administrator verifies such Customer’s right to use Funds based on the Customer’s Authentication via the Authorization Details.

5.9. The Administrator may restrict the list of payees of Funds for certain categories of Customers. Specific restrictions are provided on the Website.

5.10. The current limits for various types of Wallets as to the Funds balance and Payment amounts are provided on the Website.

5.11. A Customer may choose a method for withdrawing Funds when creating a request for withdrawing Funds in its Personal Account on the System’s Website. During a withdrawal of Funds, a Customer may be requested to undergo the Identification procedure. For a withdrawal of Funds, there must be sufficient Funds in a Customer’s Wallet to cover the Fees for the withdrawal of Funds.

5.12. The Administrator may restrict the range of Funds withdrawal methods available to certain categories of Customers.

5.13. Funds are debited in accordance with the procedure set forth in the Terms and Conditions, applicable laws, or the Parties’ additional agreement.

5.14. When using your bank cards, transactions will be shown in your card statement as V*PLV.9.51.

5.15. Card transaction deposits are credited instantly as soon as the KYC/AML procedures are completed.

5.16. When using your bank cards, this refund policy is applied. If the user successfully completes the verification procedure and the funds are credited to the wallet, the card transaction is non-refundable. If the user does not complete the verification procedure, the card transaction is refunded automatically. It may take the funds up to 14 business days to appear on the card depending on your bank's policies.

5.17. All Transactions performed by the Customer using the System are final and are not subject to disputes, revisions or cancellations, with the exception of Wallet funding Transactions performed using third party services that have been classified as fraudulent.


6.1. A Customer shall make reporting documents for any period of time in its Personal Account at its own discretion.

6.2. A Customer shall verify that the information pertaining to its Wallet is accurate and current.


7.1. The Administrator shall charge fees in remuneration for the Services provided to a Customer (hereinafter – the Fees); the amount and procedures for charging the Fees are specified in the Rates.

7.2. The Rates are published by the Administrator on the Website.

7.3. The Administrator may unilaterally change the Rates. Such changes and amendments shall come into effect from the day that such changes and amendments are published on the Website.

7.4. All commission fees are calculated in USD and rounded off to the nearest whole cents.

7.5. All the Services provided to Customers by the Administrator, in accordance with the applicable laws, are not subject to VAT or any other turnover taxes.

7.6. All applicable Fees are debited to a Customer’s Wallet by the Administrator upon the completion of a Transaction that creates a Customer’s obligations to pay this Fee, or at the moment when the Administrator has substantiated grounds or information that constitutes the Administrator’s claim to the right to charge a Customer this Fee.

7.7. If the Funds in a Wallet are not sufficient to charge the applicable Fees, the Administrator may decline a Transaction or send to a Customer a request to pay the Fees.


8.1. The Parties agree that the Authorization Details provided when a Customer submits Orders to the Administrator are an adequate and sufficient method for the Authentication of a Customer, and verifying the authenticity and integrity of any electronic document sent. A Customer’s Authorization Details shall serve as the handwritten signature equivalent (HSE).

8.2. The Administrator shall be the party that verifies the authenticity of a Customer’s HSE.


9.1. The Administrator may collect, store, and process the personal data provided by Customers during their transactions, as well as other data automatically transmitted to the Administrator in the process of their use of the System, as well as transfer such data to third parties for the purpose of fulfilling the Terms and Conditions or additional agreements with such third parties, as well as all other Transactions with Customers’ personal data permissible under applicable laws.

9.2. The Administrator may collect, store, and process information on any purchases made, services or works paid for the purpose of targeted advertisement, as well as transfer statistical data to third parties without disclosing Customers’ personal data.


10.1. A Customer may:

10.1.1. obtain access to all the System’s Services in accordance with a Customer’s Status and any other restrictions;

10.1.2. open a Wallet in the System;

10.1.3. receive technical and informational support.

10.2. The Administrator may:

10.2.1. expand the range of the Services;

10.2.2. modify the Software, interfaces, operating procedures, and the Services;

10.2.3. in the event of detecting any defects or failures, for maintenance purposes and the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to the System, suspend its operation;

10.2.4. request that a Customer should provide identification documents and other information in the cases provided for by the Terms and Conditions and the IPD;

10.2.5. In the cases provided for by the Terms and Conditions and the IPD, refuse to carry out a Transaction (including, but not limited to, a Customer’s attempt to carry out Prohibited Activities);

10.2.6. resort of retaliation measures against a Customer in the event of this Customer’s violation of the Terms and Conditions;

10.2.7. charge the Fees to Customers for the Services in accordance with the established Rates;

10.3. A Customer shall:

10.3.1. comply with the provisions of the Terms and Conditions with the Administrator.

10.3.2. provide reliable and valid information during the Registration in the System and the procedure of Identification.

10.3.3. not allow any third parties to use its Wallet, and not disclose its Authorization Details;

10.3.4. immediately notify the Administrator when discovering a Transaction carried out without their permission, unauthorized access to their personal information, or loss of the Authorization Details; all Transactions carried out with the use of the Password (Payment Password) of this Customer prior to such notification shall be considered as Transactions carried out by this Customer;

10.3.5. guarantee that there is no Malicious Software on their computer (or any other data carrier; work with the System on a computer that has the following installed: antivirus software with the updated database (not later than the date a Customer logs into the System), a firewall, the updated version of a browser, all the necessary updates for the operating system and the software; use only licensed software;

10.3.6. not refuse to provide assistance in any investigation or provide identity verification details or any other information upon request;

10.3.7. not use the System to carry out Transactions aimed at obtaining illegal profit or tax evasion;

10.3.8. not use the System for any purposes that violate any laws, including attempts to carry out Prohibited Activities;

10.3.9. keep independent accounting records of all revenue received as a result of Transactions made through the System and pay all applicable taxes in accordance with the laws of a Customer’s country;

10.3.10. ensure that the Funds balance in its Wallet is not negative.

10.3.11. A Customer acknowledges and confirms that all the provisions of the Terms and Conditions are clear, and a Customer accepts them unconditionally and in their entirety.

10.3.12. A Customer shall bear full responsibility for any cancelled, invalid, and disputed Transactions, and for any Chargebacks.

10.3.13. A Customer’s failure to comply with any provision of this paragraph 10.3. shall result in this Customer’s responsibility for all the expenses incurred.

10.4. The Administrator shall:

10.4.1. establish the Terms and Conditions, organize and carry out control over Customers’ compliance with the Terms and Conditions;

10.4.2. provide Customers with the services of access to the System;

10.4.3. send notifications of any Transactions carried out from a Customer’s Wallet to the email address provided by this Customer;

10.4.4. ensure the operation of the Customer Service;


11.1. In the event of failure to comply and/or improper fulfillment of the obligations under these Terms and Conditions, the Parties shall be responsible in the accordance with the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the IPD, and the applicable laws of Belize.

11.2. If a Customer delays the fulfillment of any obligation in the monetary form as set forth in these Terms and Conditions, a Customer shall pay to the Administrator a penalty fine in the amount of 0.1% (one tenth of a percentage point) of the amount of such delayed funds to be transferred to the Administrator or any third parties for every day of such delay. A Customer shall pay to the Administrator the penalty fine as specified in this paragraph of the Terms and Conditions within 3 (three) business days after the date a Customer receives a relevant request from the Administrator in writing or electronically. The Administrator has the right but is under no obligation to send a penalty fine payment request.

11.3. A Customer shall repay to the Administrator the damages incurred as a result of various payments charged to the Administrator due to a Customer’s violations of the applicable laws when using the System on condition that the Administrator can provide the relevant documents that confirm the damages incurred by the Administrator.

11.4. A Customer shall bear responsibility for all Transactions accounted for in its Wallet, including any Transactions with the use of bank payment cards. These Transactions shall include any transactions entered into by a Customer’s employees, managers, subcontractors and/or consultants, authorized persons, agents, and affiliates, or other parties that have access to this Customer’s Waller.

11.5. A Customer shall bear responsibility for complying with the requirements and provisions of all applicable laws.

11.6. A Customer acknowledges and confirms that a Customer agrees with the Policy for Complying with Anti-Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing Requirements published on the Website and guarantees that a Customer shall comply with its provisions and requirements.

11.7. A Customer warrants that its activities on the Internet and in the System do not contradict the generally recognized moral principles and norms.

11.8. A Customer’s amounts of obligations may be debited to a Customer’s Wallet by the Administrator without notice. When the Funds in such Customer’s Wallet are insufficient, the Administrator may request that a Customer immediately replenish their Wallet by the necessary amount, or may proceed with the relevant debt collection procedures against such Customer.

11.9. The Client shall not undertake any activity that misleads other parties about services offered by the Administrator, which can directly or indirectly damage the Administrator’s reputation, including but not limited to impersonating themselves as representatives of the Administrator in any way or context, providing false data related to the System including but not limited to falsifying transaction IDs, wallet IDs etc as text, screenshots, or any other media, creating clones of the Administrator’s website, and other similar activities. In case of violation the Administrator reserves the right to block accounts, freeze funds for the period of investigation, and limit the usage of the System in other ways. The Administrator also reserves the right to pursue legal action in courts of applicable jurisdiction, including cases when the this rule is violated by other parties that are not Clients of the Administrator.


12.1. The Administrator shall have no responsibility to a Customer in the event of:

12.1.1. a Customer’s transfer of their data to any third parties, deliberate provision of access to their Wallet in the System, or any other violation of the confidentiality of a Customer’s information;

12.1.2. presence of any viruses or any other Malicious Software in the hardware and software used by a Customer to access the System;

12.1.3. illegal activities of any third parties, including those related to the use of a Customer’s Registration and a Customer’s email;

12.1.4. any disputes pertaining to GSW sale-purchase transactions or other transactions between Customers made via the System;

12.1.5. complaints pertaining to a Customer from tax, regulation, and law enforcement authorities regarding any reporting documentation or taxation in relation to a Customer’s transactions involving the System.

12.2. The Administrator shall not be responsible for temporary showdowns of the Systems, failures and errors in the operation of any hardware or software (including but not limited to any power outages or damage to any telecommunications networks, software failures, interruptions in the operation of electronic mail systems, Internet providers, payment systems, other lines, channels, and/or networks that are provided, offered, or serviced by third parties, etc.) that occur through no fault of the Administrator; in such cases, the Administrator shall not be responsible for any of a Customer’s possible damages or costs.

12.3. The Administrator shall not be responsible for:

12.3.1. a Customer’s lack of access to the software or hardware that ensure the System’s operation or for any related damages and/or costs incurred by a Customer in such cases;

12.3.2. any consequences of inability to contact a Customer using the Contact details provided by such Customer, as well as for a Customer’s providing incorrect information in the System or a Customer’s failure to update such information;

12.3.3. a Customer’s damages and losses resulting from the impossibility of a Customer’s Identification;

12.3.4. any payment services provided to a Customer by any third parties;

12.3.5. any actions by GSW providers whose websites a Customer visits using a link or information on the Website;

12.3.6. a Customer’s losses resulting from a Customer’s failure to read the current version of the Terms and Conditions or the IPD.

12.4. In the event of the loss of the Authorization Details, the System’s locking a Wallet, a Customer’s loss of the Password, Wallet Lockdown, or other events that cannot be remedied without a Customer’s Identification, the Administrator shall have no responsibility to an Unidentified Customer for any possible damages and the impossibility of the use of a Wallet in the future. An Unidentified Customer can prove that they are the rightful holder of a Wallet by providing the original of this Customer’s agreement with the mobile telecommunications services administrator.

12.5. The Administrator shall not be responsible for any damages and losses incurred by a Customer or any third parties as a result of:

12.5.1. Wallet Lockdown;

12.5.2. impossibility of Transactions through a Wallet, regardless of the reasons for such impossibility;

12.5.3. incorrect execution of Orders to carry out Transactions;

12.5.4. issuing erroneous Orders to credit and/or debit Funds to a Wallet;

12.5.5. a Customer’s violation of the established procedure for making Payments ;

12.5.6. either Party’s compliance with the legislative or regulative requirements;

12.5.7. a Customer’s violation of these Terms and Conditions and/or the terms of any agreements entered into by a Customer pertaining to the use of the System, as well as the Administrator’s instructions and guidelines and/or generally accepted moral and ethical principles.

12.6. In any event, the Administrator’s responsibility to a Customer shall always be limited to the amount that does not exceed the amount of the Fees charged to such Customer for a period of the previous 3 months.

12.7. The Administrator shall not be responsible for any indirect or consequential damages incurred by a Customer or any third parties, including any loss of profit, loss (forfeit, non-receipt, unsubstantiated spending) of revenue, contracts, customers, time, data, enterprise, or reputation.

12.8. A Customer shall protect the Administrator’s interests, repay any losses and pay compensation to the Administrator, and hold the Administrator and its affiliated parties harmless against any complaints, claims, expenses or costs (including any legal costs, fines and penalties) resulting from or pertaining to a Customer’s failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions, any applicable laws or regulations and/or use of the System. This provision shall remain valid after the termination of the relations between the Parties.

12.9. If a completed Payment becomes, through a Customer’s fault, grounds for a payer’s submitting a complaint against the Administrator pertaining to protection against infringement of rights, the Administrator shall have the right to demand that a payee compensate the Administrator for any losses suffered as a result of the Administrator’s funds or other assets levied in favor of such payer.

12.10. The Administrator shall provide to Customers the System’s Services on the ‘as is’ basis, in their current and existing form without any warranties.

12.11. Accounts/relationships with shell banks are prohibited. A shell bank is defined as a bank incorporated in a jurisdiction in which it has no physical presence and which is unaffiliated with a regulated financial group.

  1. 11. Accounts/relationships with shell banks are prohibited. A shell bank is defined as a bank incorporated in a jurisdiction in which it has no physical presence and which is unaffiliated with a regulated financial group.

13.1. During the Registration in the System, a Customer must provide to the Administrator accurate and valid information (hereinafter – the Contact Details) to be used for the purpose of communicating with and sending notifications to a Customer.

13.2. By default, the appropriate method for informing a Customer of a Transaction made with the use of a Customer’s Wallet is sending a notification to the email address provided by a Customer.

13.3. A Customer may contact the Administrator at any time by sending a message or by calling the Customer Service (during its business hours).

13.4. The Administrator may inform the Customer on important changes in the way that System operates and on the new System features by sending out email notifications as well as by posting news updates in the client area of the Website.


14.1. A Customer must take all reasonable measures to keep the Password to their Wallet a secret and not disclose it to any parties.

14.2. A Customer shall bear full responsibility for all the risks related to the use of the Internet during a Customer’s interaction with the Administrator (other Customers and/or third parties).

14.3. A Customer shall assume full responsibility for the security of its Authorization Details and for all the risks related to their loss (theft and/or compromise),

14.4. To ensure the security of a Wallet and/or prevent its use for unauthorized or fraudulent purposes, the Administrator shall have the right to take the relevant measures in accordance with applicable laws, the Terms and Conditions, the IPD, including resorting to a Wallet’s Lockdown.


15.1. A Customer may unilaterally refuse to comply with the provisions and requirements of the Terms and Conditions under the following conditions:

- absence of any unfulfilled Customer’s obligations to the Administrator and/or any third parties interacting a with Customer through the System and/or the Services;

- the Administrator’s receipt of a Customer’s notification of a Customer’s refusal to fulfill the provisions and requirements set forth in the Terms and Conditions that is duly executed and sent by a Customer at least 30 (thirty) calendar days in advance.

15.2. The Administrator may unilaterally refuse to fulfill the provisions and requirements set forth in the Terms and Conditions pertaining to a specific Customer on condition that the Administrator notifies such Customer no later than three days in advance.

15.3. Starting from the date of such refusal as specified above, orders to carry out Transfers on behalf of a Customer shall no longer be accepted; all unpaid Fees shall be considered to be a Customer’s debt to be paid. All financial obligations of the Parties that arise prior to such refusal shall remain valid until they are fully satisfied.

15.4. The Administrator may withhold a Customer’s funds until the latter fully repays all financial obligations and use such funds as payment for a Customer’s debt related to a Customer’s obligations.


16.1. If necessary, the Administrator may unilaterally make amendments to these Terms and Conditions (including the Rates).

16.2. The updated version of the Terms and Conditions shall be published in the section of the Website.

16.3. A Customer’s use of the System after any amendments come into force shall be considered as such Customer’s unconditional acceptance of such amendments.


17.1. All Services shall be provided in accordance with the effective laws of Belize. If a Customer’s use of the System and Services contradicts the laws of this Customer’s jurisdiction, the Administrator recommends that such Customer should not use the Services. A Customer shall bear the sole responsibility for its compliance with the laws of its jurisdiction and for any possible expenses and losses resulting from violating this requirement.


18.1. All disputes and disagreement arising in the process of the use of the Systems based on the provisions of these Terms and Conditions shall be settled through negotiations.

18.2. The basis for negotiations shall be either Party’s submitting a written complaint to the other Party. All Complaints and claims shall be reviewed within thirty days of their receipt. If a dispute can not be resolved in accordance with the complaint procedure within the specified period of time, either Party may apply to a court in the Administrator’s country.


19.1. The Parties shall not be responsible for any delays in the performance or non-performance of the obligations, any expenses, including losses, and costs related to complaints by any third parties that may result from any force majeure circumstances. The Party experiencing the impact of any force majeure circumstances shall notify the other Party within 10 days after the commencement of such force majeure circumstances.

19.2. The provisions of paragraph 19.1. shall not limit or terminate a Customer’s obligations pertaining to making an returning Payments, as well as payment of any fines, penalties, Fees, commissions, returning any goods, or (not) performing any works or services.


20.1. A Customer shall not have the right to transfer any rights – in part or in full – pertaining to these Terms and Conditions to any third parties without the Administrator prior written consent and permission.

20.2. If one or more of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions are or become invalid under a court decision or any changes in the applicable laws, it shall not serve as grounds for suspending the validity of the remaining provisions Terms and Conditions.

20.3. The Administrator may make any changes and amendments to the Terms and Conditions aimed at ensuring their compliance with the legislative norms and requirements.

20.4. These Terms and Conditions are drawn up in the English and Russian languages. In the event of any discrepancy between the Russian and English version of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

20.5. All appendixes to the Terms and Conditions shall constitute their integral part.


Goods, Works, and Services Prohibited for Sale via the System:

  1. Weapons, ammunition and defense products, replicas of firearms or cold steel weapons.
  2. Drugs, drug-like substances and plants, as well as their ingredients, or any substances for their production, as well as descriptions of methods for producing such substances.
  3. Medical drugs and medications dispensed on prescription only, as well as raw materials or instructions for their production.
  4. State awards or distinguishing badges.
  5. Identification documents and government issued documents (including falsified documents), and everything connected with creating or obtaining false identification documents or counterfeit government issued documents.
  6. Government agencies’ uniforms.
  7. Specialty items related to the police and law enforcement agencies.
  8. Electronic equipment prohibited for use in this country or region.
  9. Devices used for hacking and tampering with locks.
  10. Information containing personal data or data suitable for undertaking illegal activities (spam emails, etc.).
  11. GWS or information containing state, banking, or trade secrets.
  12. GWS whose sale violates any third parties’ copyright and/or related rights, trademark rights, or patents.
  13. Information that violates a person’s privacy, infringing upon the honor, dignity and business reputation of individuals and legal entities.
  14. Information transmitted exclusively virtually and not recorded on any material carrier (ideas, methods, principles , etc.).
  15. Archeological heritage items.
  16. Items or services that violate the norms of public morality (including, but not limited to, child pornography, Nazi memorabilia items, escort services, and prostitution).
  17. Any equipment used to organize and conduct gambling.
  18. Any items with available initially but removed serial numbers.
  19. Malicious software.
  20. Goods or services directly or indirectly compelling illegal actions (promoting social, racial, religious, or ethnic strife; discrimination, violence, hatred, revenge, harassment; containing propaganda of terror or physical harm).
  21. Perishable goods.
  22. Fake or counterfeit goods.
  23. Items and equipment intended for use (including illegal transfer) of copyright protected items without the permission of the authors (including, but not limited to, components designed to remove copyright protection or regional restrictions, or software elements of electronic devices).
  24. Dangerous goods (including, but not limited to, those that contain explosive, toxic, poisonous, and/or radioactive materials).
  25. Information about the production of explosive, pyrotechnic, incendiary, and other similar substances and devices.
  26. Human organs and human remains.
  27. Goods or services that have no value in use.
  28. Services of auctions or trading systems that allow carrying out activities excluding transfer of GWS that have value in use.
  29. Financial or payment instruments whose accounting systems do not ensure proper identification of the owner for the purpose of combating illegal trade, financial fraud, and money laundering of funds obtained by illegal means.
  30. Asset management and investment services provided by unlicensed businesses, as well as any intermediary activity that facilitates the transfer of funds between the parties entering into a transaction forbidden herein.
  31. Items of artistic and historical value that constitute a country’s cultural values.
  32. Services of advertising (promoting) goods, works and services specified in items 1-31 of this list.